0903-201512 Stable nuget 2.0.3, happy end of year !

Happy end of year 2015 to all !

I'm happy to present this new stable version of XamSvg, which features Xamarin Forms 2 support, Windows 8.1 support including Xamarin Forms, svg css stylesheets, improved demo codes, worker thread loading/parsing, and fixes to make it compatible with more svg files while preserving the hardware accelerated drawing speed.

Internally, a refactoring of the core parsing engine into the shared PCL makes the component much more maintainable across android, ios and windows phone 8.1

And now the best for the end: you can try XamSvg on iOS!
Using our brand new online iOS demo version (below), you can enter the url of any svg file to view how XamSvg will display it!
The best try-before-you-buy :)

Note that this is a real device screen which is streamed using a low quality video encoding. XamSvg on a local simulator or a real device display high quality drawings of course.

Finally, if you like SVGs, promote XamSvg.
It needs your support to get more better features.

Enjoy !
And happy new year :)

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