0904-201510 New prerelease for XamForms 1.5.1 stable

A new prerelease nuget of XamSvg is available!

As always, it updates all nuget dependancies: Xamarin Forms, Android Support Lib, ... This makes the lib safer to use for new projects. My vision is that when you update a nuget, you should update all your nugets dependancies and make sure your code work, even if it takes an hour or a whole day. If you have no time then don't update the nugets (and keep using the old tools too!). This version is compiled using Xamarin stable channel and Visual Studio 2015 for the best experience.

So why is it a prerelease only ?
Because the svg parser has been rewritten a bit to make it easier to maintain and improve.
Because it now respects a market standard (not in svg spec): if a shape is missing its color definitiion, it is now black by default. With previous XamSvg version it would display as ... transparent.
Because it completly fixes a problem with iOS resizing: it was not stretching horizontally even if told so, only in the case when both width and height were not given.
And because we changed the iOS UISvgImageView and XamForms SvgImage control: it now works with all autolayout cases, and is fully asynchronous on both Xamarin iOS and Xamarin Forms iOS. As it loads its image asynchronously, it won't slow the UI thread, which is very important on iOS. Well the parser was fast enough for small svgimages - and nearly all svg images are small. But a millisecond is a millisecond :)

So we put this version in prerelease mainly because the iOS UISvgImageView control now load its image asynchronously. This may have side effects on existing code. If no problem arises in the next 15/30 days, we'll move the version to stable.

Btw: I tryed to use the Splat library (https://github.com/paulcbetts/splat) to include geometric classes in the PCL. But this lib does not work well with Xamarin if it is not included in the final app project too. As i don't want customers to call that XamSvg is crashing, i removed Splat. See bug https://bugzilla.xamarin.com/show_bug.cgi?id=35164 for more information.

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