0905-201508 New prerelease pre2 for XamForms pre2

An updated version of XamSvg is available as a prerelease version.

Only some nuget dependancies were updated:
- Xamarin Forms 1.5 pre2
- Xamarin Android Bindings

I remember you that you can use SVG as toolbar/tabbar icons.
An updated sample is available upon request, and will be soon available on the component store.


- XamSvg now powers a Xamarin Forms app created for a well known rugdbyman, project managed by the 1st development company in France. This connected mobile application will be released to the public in october. It is currently available as an alpha 1 release.

- XamSvg powers a Xamarin Forms app created for an investigative journalism website. The app is in beta testing phase 2 and will be released in september to the public.

Have fun with magic SVG !

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