0906-201508 Updated packages

Hi all,
a new prerelease package using Xamarin Forms 1.5 pre1 is available on the private nuget server.
The stable package uses the version Xamarin Forms 1.4 stable.

A new custom Slider component which can be styled with Svgs has been created !
Stay tuned for its release.

Change log (Xamarin Forms) :

      new SvgFactory.GetDrawable accepting res: and string: schemes (centralized)
      all SvgImageView constructors now understands res: and string: schemes
      SvgImageView correctly uses bounds offset to draw itself
      new SvgImageView.ForcedSize to force IntrisicWidth/Height to return the ForcedSize instead of the svg native size
      svg in toolbars now works correctly
      svg as MasterDetailPage icon (using a hack, check the new android forms demo)

      now support gradient strokes

cross platform:
      fix crash if Svg property is bound using Binding syntax

      fix crash if colormapping or colormappingselected is bound using Binding syntax
      new ClickedCommandParameter bindable property
      new IsSelected property, when true it forces the use of the SelectedColorMapping.

Happy sunday !

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