0913-201502 Xamarin Forms 1.4 support

A new XamSvg package has been pushed on the component store. This package has been built with Xamarin Forms 1.4, so you won't get strangeness because of the previous linking with 1.3. It also contains a small fix to support usage of some specific SVG files as reported by a customer.

The support for Xamarin Forms 1.3 or less has been dropped. The package won't contain Monotouch (32 bits only) versions anymore, only the newer Xamarin.iOS.

A private nuget server for XamSvg customers will be available by the end ot the week. It will contain a dedicated XamSvg for Xamarin Form nuget package, along with a standard full XamSvg nuget package for ios/android/pcl projects (not xamarin forms).

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