0916-201412 XamSvg, XamForms & Unified Api are now live !

Xamarin just released official Unified Api support on the stable channel, and published on their store all components that were already built using this unified Api

XamSvg is a
mong these components, it is one of the first supporting both Xamarin.Forms (as a XAML tag or in code) and iOS 64 bits Unified Api.
As a free bonus, it also contains Windows Phone 8.1 support !!
And of course always will full source code.

Give it a try (*) or download the full version here https://components.xamarin.com/view/xamsvg
Note that you may request access to our private nuget server if you prefer to use a nuget instead. Just drop us a ticket here.

Happy coding !

Je suis Charlie Freedom always win

(*) because of technical contrains, the free demo version contains only Android support

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